After the Lighthouse

Where the players sold their loot and met a friend

After the Lighthouse
Your party survived its first encounter with the dangers of the underground chambers of the ancient watch post under the remains of the city lighthouse. There was a platoon of goblins, led by Ratface the Foul, who kept guard on a supply of goblin weapons, preserved food, and general gear for making war. Clearly, someone was supplying these goblins with the tools needed to slay and ravage the town above.
A clue to whoever that is lies in the letter found on the powerful female warrior, Eshalla, whom you defeated after a tough fight. There also was a map, which looks like additional sites where smugglers put in to avoid the King’s taxman. But this is more than merely smuggling contraband rum and building materials.
By a stroke of luck – or was it? – you met the merchant who owned some rare silks found among the treasure hoard. He bought the silks at high price, with the proviso that you not deal with the agent of his bitterest rival. In doing so, you may have made an enemy as well, but Samo, the merchant, is nothing if not a loyal ally.
Now, with gold in your purses and a name made for yourselves, you can look forward to further adventures around Sand Point until you decide where to go from this little slice of heaven on the Blood Sea Coast. Bigger and better things await you!
For now, there are still plenty of things to do here, on the fringes of the Kingdom of Midlendel. Fame, treasure, and glory are around the next bend in the road, or under a the floor of a ruined castle.



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